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Welcome to Solar Brokers Canada

Solar Brokers Canada anticipates a world where all rooftops have solar energy systems and all unused and abandoned land is utilized to support global sustainable development for the betterment of everyday lives.

Solar Brokers Canada is Canada’s premier brokerage firm, providing solutions that make our clients money while they reach energy independence. Specializing in photovoltaic (PV) solar solutions for residential and commercial applications, we provide a full turnkey solution which ensures that our clients’ solar projects receive the best quality, price, and service from start to finish.

Whether you are interested in solar energy systems for residential or commercial applications, Solar Brokers Canada provides cost-effective solar energy solutions.


Generates Income

Solar energy technology has matured to the point where small residential installations have become cost effective. Solar energy systems generate income, increase property values, and provide a return on investment that will typically outperform other equally secure investments.



Solar energy systems are an inflation-protected investment due to their offsetting of electricity costs at the current prevailing retail rate. As energy rates rise, a system’s return on investment will increase.



Solar energy systems can generate power in all types of weather. On extremely overcast days, they can produce about 25% of maximum energy output. In addition, solar energy systems are tested for hail impact, high wind, and freeze-thaw cycles representing year-round weather conditions.



Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are warrantied for 25 years and can reliably produce power, with little upkeep and minimal operating costs, for up to 40 years.


Easy to Maintain

Solar energy systems, originally developed for use in space, where repairs are extremely expensive, are highly reliable. Solar panels operate reliably for long periods of time and need virtually no maintenance. They have no moving parts, so visual checks are enough to keep systems up and running.


Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy systems burn no fuel and have no moving parts. They are clean and produce no atmospheric emissions or greenhouse gases that have detrimental effects on the planet.


Total Energy Produced Per Year (kWh)


Trees Cleansing the Air For One Year


Carbon Dioxide Offsets Per Year (Kg)


Homes Powered for One Year


Cars Taken off the Road For One Year


Lightbulbs Powered for One Year