Learnings from Pakistan’s Solar Energy Model


There are many off-grid power companies which are eyeing for the opportunity to tap on the Pakistan’s market. Pakistan is struggling to provide grid connectivity to its majority rural population and also reduce their supply outages. While these issues need to be addressed, building new coal-fired power plants wont be a viable option for them since they cant afford imported coal. In fact government of Pakistan has released a new tariff schedule, which is the most expensive coal tariff in the world. Meanwhile not even getting much support from Pakistan government, Eco Energy Finance did something much advanced by putting solar power directly in the hands of people. It started by selling its solar powered lights to people for free. The products were not of very high quality and got feedback from people showing concerns. They are now selling very high quality products and are also working towards finding an excellent business model for their organization. They are also focused on Word of Mouth Marketing. This was the real game changer for the Eco Energy Finance. They started using their own customers as Brand Ambassadors and got skyrocketing sales. While challenges of less disposable market income, insufficient market information still exist, Eco Energy Finance is growing amidst all of this and is overcoming all the challenges to become a very powerful organisation.